My life changed when I met Andi. I have struggled with weight issues since I was a child. Andi got me off the fad diet rollercoaster and on to a sound, easy to follow, nutrition and exercise plan that have me well on my way to reaching my goals. There have been some ‘bumps in the road’, but Andi has always been there to help me make adjustments as needed. If she doesn’t have the tools to fix a problem, she knows someone who does. She is always on the lookout for new and clever ways to develop muscle and burn fat. Since I started working with Andi three years ago, I have achieved permanent weight loss, greatly increased my lean muscle mass, sleep more soundly, am better equipped to deal with stress, and can tackle things now that I wouldn’t even considered a few years ago (think 15 mile hike in one day– at elevation — on snow pack). With the incorporation of yoga and stretching into my routine, I have greatly increased my flexibility and chronic aches have disappeared. Andi works with her clients to develop personalized plans that fit into YOUR life and help you achieve YOUR goals. I would truly be lost with her.

Brenda Douglass

Andi has as a working knowledge of the human body that sets her apart from most professional instructors. When I have had trouble areas she has been able to tell me what the issue is, what it stems from, and how to fix it. Her yin yoga classes are my favorite.

Kyle Bybee