Elite Fitness Coaching Services

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Although the goal is to get into the healthiest, most attractive shape
we can for our body types, the journey there can be just as important as the destination. Here, then are the wealth of
services we offer that can aid in that journey:

Functional Fitness

Attaining better and better fitness levels that aid in fat loss while maintaining a healthy body is our ultimate goal for you. Our approach to functional fitness encompasses balance, flexibility and agility along with toning and cardio improvement. And it sure doesn’t hurt that your appearance improves too. It’s important to remember that fitness has practical — as well as health advantages — for any age group.


Andi Donovan is a trained expert when it comes to helping body parts return to pre-injury levels and beyond. Rehabilitating muscles and connective tissue is something Redden approaches with great care, working with your physician and/or physical therapist to achieve the highest degree of strength and flexibility possible for an affected area.

Heart Zones Testing and Training

It’s YOUR heart – no one else’s. Our zoned training system uses your personal cardiac training ranges to define a customized program for optimum health, emotional fitness and high performance. The system is based on science, research, experience and the precept that there is no universal way to approach fitness; to be effective, exercise must be tailored to fit every individual as uniquely as his or her fingerprint.

Sport-specific Training

Preparing to participate in a marathon, want to get your “mojo” back on the football field or just last longer on a hike? We have special training programs that focus on the particular sport in which you’re looking to excel. We understand how to get you ready for endurance-testing activities, help to put you out in front, or just aid in keeping you in the game.

Muscular Imbalance Assessment and Correction

Oftentimes, strengthening muscles that have become atrophied because of the body’s natural tendency to favor stronger ones can be a key to rediscovering physical balance. We can assess your muscular awareness and help you re-engage muscles that have remained “wimpy” for too long!

Posture Correction

Pelvic tilts. Rolled shoulders. Lop-sized hips. Sitting at desks and in cars for much of our lives means that – apart from young children — no body is perfectly aligned. Better postural alignment through simple exercises and body poses is possible, however, leading to fewer sore backs, pinched nerves and cramping muscles.

Weight and Body Fat Reduction

We have become a society of scale watchers, thinking the number we see staring up at us tells us whether or not we are healthy. But did you know that a seemingly trim person could actually be fatter than someone of a larger size at the same height? It’s true. Reducing ratio of body fat to lean muscle is, perhaps, one of the single greatest gifts you can give yourself. Fat deposits can be internal as well external, meaning that it’s not just about the muffin-tops we see hanging over our jeans as we age. It’s about proper diet, effectively working our hearts and toning muscles all at once. We help you monitor all three as your body transforms in ways you never thought possible.

Nutritional Analysis and Guidance

Food is such an important part of our lives not only physically, but in a social sense too. Selecting the right foods to complement your fitness program, however, is vital to both short and long term fitness goals as well. We work with you every step of the way, assessing how you fuel your body to shape it up on the inside, enabling you to take control of your overall health. We give you tips on how to eliminate cravings and stop binge eating. But we’ll also counsel you on how to enjoy eating the things you love. You’ll learn that it’s all about moderation and wise choices.

Senior and Youth Fitness

At the two ends of life’s spectrum, we offer training to be the best that you can be. For seniors, we help you turn back the clock on deteriorating balance, flexibility and posture while helping to strengthen body parts that keep you walking tall. For kids, we are there to help develop young bodies in ways that help you feel good about how you look, become more competitive in sports, and arm you with good fitness habits that can serve you for a lifetime.

Home Gym Set-up and Training

Our place or yours? We can advise you on what equipment may be helpful on your journey to fitness as well as help to arrange your home gym for optimum results. We can also help train you on your own equipment as a complement to your training sessions on a temporary or ongoing basis. The idea is to use your investment in staying fit!

Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Massage

Did you know regular massage aides in good health? Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. We offer massage not only for how great it feels (you will walk away floating on a cloud…), but also as standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations such as stress relief, managing anxiety and depression, pain, stiffness, blood pressure control, and even boosting immunity levels. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. Strokes are deliberate and longer-lasting as pressure goes deeper to concentrate on areas of tension and pain.

Shiatsu massage therapy uses acupressure and is based on the Chinese meridian system. With the use of pressure to specific areas of your body (assessed ahead of time) pressure applied along the body’s meridians help to release energy blockages and reintroduce the optimal flow of energy and aid in lymphatic circulation.