Andi is the best! In the eight years that I’ve worked with Andi, she has never skipped a beat on dedication, loyalty to clients, goal setting, energy, training, and most of all, kicking my resistant butt! I have, and will always highly recommend Andi as the best personal trainer in California.

Kevin Gleave

I looked to Andi to get me on the path not only to fitness, fat loss and better health, but also to help reverse the natural progression aging wreaks on a 55+ old body. Oh, vanity has always been part of my motivation, but not losing my flexibility and balance – being able to continue to stand up to pull on a pair of jeans or to get off the floor without grabbing onto someone or something – were huge motivators as well. I think few of us understand that good fitness habits become even MORE valuable as we age, helping us avoid those inevitable bad knees, shoulder pains, back pains and fatigue. Since I started working out with Andi, my core area has slimmed (I get lots of compliments now..), my legs and arms have been taking on a more toned appearance, I feel fewer aches and pains, I look better in my clothes, and I sleep like a 20-year old. She has made a huge difference in my self-image and continues to inspire me to greater levels of fitness. She is tough, caring and talented.

Dena Kouremetis

Andi has been my personal trainer for approximately five years. With her encouragement, training and advice, I have lost about 40 pounds and gained a new sense of self and confidence!! I have more definition, tone and endurance with the combination of strength training and interval cardio exercises than I ever have in the past with any other trainer.

Joey Rivard

Even though I have worked out consistently my entire life (I am an ex-college football player) and always had decent results, I knew I needed an expert to educate me on current cutting edge exercises and to dispel old myths I learned at the high school or college gym. Exercises I had used in the past seemed overused, outdated and weren’t bringing the results I was once accustomed to. When a mutual friend recommended Andi, I was pleasantly surprised, since she is friendly, attractive and in great shape as well. I hate it when you are at your local gym and notice a personal trainer who is out of shape! How un-motivating is that?

Andi gets to know your objectives and assesses your body early on. She completes heart rate testing and measures body parts and fat-vs.-lean muscle mass, all of which help educate you so that you can tweak your goals, since it’s not about just losing pounds. She then pushes you to your peak, but not so much as to risk injury. She is organized, prompt and thorough. The result? She helped me reached my goals faster than originally planned.

On a side note, I do have a caveat to offer here. You have to be committed to work with her or she will tell you the relationship may not work. Andi has a pretty full schedule and she doesn’t want to waste her time or yours. The one thing I thought was most impressive was her willingness to answer questions after we trained together. She never asks for additional fees for answering a question via email or over the phone, but she always takes the time to answer or directs me to additional educational videos, literature, etc.

I’ve actually gone back in for some refresher training once or twice just to try and stay sharp as she is always coming up with new and revolutionary exercises. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my experience working with Andi Redden. She is excellent at her profession and I regularly recommend her.

Cory Candelario